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USA Rugby’s Discipline Committee

The USA Club Rugby Discipline Committee is an integral part of the governing body for club rugby in the United States. Committed to upholding the values of fairness, integrity, and respect, our committee plays a crucial role in ensuring that the highest standards of discipline are maintained across all levels of club rugby.

Promoting a Safe & Competitive Environment

Our mission is to promote a safe, inclusive, and competitive environment for all participants involved in club rugby. We strive to uphold the principles of fair play and sportsmanship while addressing any disciplinary matters that may arise during the course of rugby competitions.

The Discipline Committee consists of a dedicated group of individuals who possess a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of the game. Our committee members are chosen for their knowledge, experience, and commitment to ensuring that disciplinary issues are handled with the utmost professionalism and fairness.

Collaboration With Clubs, Players, Coaches

As the disciplinary arm of USA Club Rugby, our committee is responsible for reviewing and addressing any reported incidents or breaches of the code of conduct. We carefully assess each case on its merits, conducting thorough investigations and impartially applying the established disciplinary procedures.

In addition to addressing disciplinary matters, our committee also aims to educate and promote a culture of good sportsmanship and respect within the club rugby community. We collaborate with clubs, players, coaches, and referees to foster an environment where rugby is played in the spirit of camaraderie and fair competition.

Safeguarding Integrity

At the heart of our work lies a commitment to transparency and due process. We ensure that all parties involved have the opportunity to present their case and are given a fair hearing. Our decisions are guided by the principles of justice, consistent with the rules and regulations of USA Club Rugby.

Through our efforts, we aim to safeguard the integrity of club rugby and maintain the highest standards of behavior both on and off the field. By enforcing disciplinary measures when necessary, we contribute to the growth and development of the sport, fostering an environment where players can thrive and spectators can enjoy the game to its fullest.

The USA Club Rugby Discipline Committee is dedicated to promoting fair play, upholding the values of the game, and ensuring that club rugby remains a vibrant and respected sport across the United States.

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