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Transfer FAQs

I want to change teams (for fifteens and/or sevens). How do I transfer my membership?

  1. Go into your membership page in RX, try to register with the new club.  
  2. The system will block the registration at this point and issue a notification to your home club and local union,  informing each of your intent to transfer, and requesting approvals in order to proceed.  
  3. If you have no financial or disciplinary issues, the home club and local union will approve the transfer.  
  4. Once approved (or denied) for the transfer, you will receive an email notification confirming the transfer has been  approved (or denied).  
  5. When approved by both the home club and local union, you must go back to your account and complete your  registration with the new club. If changing Geographic Unions, you may need to pay their member fee.  
  6. At this point you will appear on the Squad Member list of your new club. 

Do I need to, or should I, request a refund of the fees paid to my original club and union?

No. Do not apply for or request a refund.  

Your original payment to USA Rugby will apply towards your new club. Your original payment to your Geographic  Union will apply to your new club IF you remain in the same Geographic Union; otherwise, you may be required to pay  the fee for your new Geographic Union. 

If there is a refund due it will be automatically applied to the card used to complete your initial registration.  

What if I apply for the transfer, and I do not receive a notification that the request has been approved (or denied) by my original club and/or union within five (5) business days?

Please send an email to the Senior Club Eligibility Committee ( The Committee will  follow up with your club and union contacts directly if your request has not been addressed.  

Am I eligible to play in National Championship Series Qualifying matches with the new team once I transfer/have been approved for this transfer by my home club and union?

This is a transfer of your registration only.  

The local union may allow you to play with the new club in NCS Qualifying matches without a waiver from USA  Rugby.  

However, you will need a waiver from USA Rugby should the new club advance to any playoffs.  If determined ineligible, you may not participate in any playoff matches.  

Even if ineligible for the playoffs, you may join the new team for practices, friendly and social games, and tournaments.  

This sounds like it will take some time to complete. Can I just create a new registration to the club I want to join?


Any player found to have more than one membership registration (two or more member accounts/numbers) in  RugbyXplorer will be immediately ineligible to play until USA Rugby can merge the records and the player confirmed  as having no outstanding financial or disciplinary issues. 

I don’t understand some of the terms used by RX.

Some basic definitions for non-familiar RX terminology:  

Clearance = Transfer.  

Domestic Clearance = Transfer within USA Rugby.  

Parent Organization = Local union in which your original club was a member.