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Our friends and teammates in Lahaina are still dealing with the aftermath of the horrific fires that destroyed property and lives.
USA Club Rugby received a plea from our teammates from this region. They need help now and many months to come. The note from the ruggers from that region says, in part: “we’re hurting and could use your help.” and “really bad, worse than we thought”. Absolutely heartbreaking. And worse, “our kids are without homes and families”.
Please consider helping the people of Lahaina financially by following this link:…
USA Club Rugby vetted and validated the request to ensure the money gets to the people most in need. In addition to the loss of life and homes, scammers and cons are taking advantage of the despair.
Please help if you are able.
Our thoughts are also with the people of Florida as Hurricane Idalia bears down on that State.
Thank you for your consideration and may whatever Higher Power you may align with be with the suffering people of Lahaina.